Cast Of Characters

The entire international cast and crew were wonderful people. Qatari freelance crew were equally kind and sincere. The same is true of most ATP/ATG employees.

There are only three people in this saga who could be considered at fault. Those three people do a perfectly good job of communicating who they are through their emails (that I shall be adding to this blog), and audio recordings of them (that I shall also be adding to this blog), so I don’t think I need to “name and shame” them. They already know who they are. In this blog, they will reveal who they are.

For clarity’s sake, I would like to list a few ATP staff (past and present) that I consider to be ‘real human beings’ in case it is not clear who they are from some of the entries in this blog. These people are (but are not limited to) Fozan, Majid, Jude, Mohammad, Eyad and – despite his upsetting people a few times – Hamad. These are genuine people that found themselves working for a company that is far from genuine and I feel for them as a result.


‘Bob’ is a pseudonym for various international crew-members that worked on, or may still be working on, “Medinah”. It is used when there is a chance that saying who ‘did or said’ what might result in ATG reprisals.

‘Abdul’ is a pseudonym for various people that are employees of ATG and/or ATP who could suffer the same fate.