Audio Files


Initially, I recorded meetings because I grew suspicious of what was being said in Arabic in front of non-Arabic speaking international crew. It turns out I was right to do so. When playing back recordings to Arab-speaking friends, I was told of at least one occasion when the English crew were being called “amateur” in Arabic in front of our very faces.

On another occasion when an emergency meeting was called by the international crew to know why we had not been paid for over five weeks, Ibrahim threatens one of his own crew members – who made the mistake of supporting the international crew – and demands to know, “Who’s side are you on!?!”

Which is why, in time, those recordings became something very different.

Meetings I recorded include proof of:-

  • illegal assertions and activities by Arab Telemedia,
  • evidence of coercion, bullying and threats made to the crew,
  • crew denied legal rights,
  • allegations by a key figure that ATG might be misappropriating funds.

All told, I have over 20 such recordings.

Recordings will go online in tandem with their respective blog entries. You may find them by clicking on the “Audio Recordings” Category, or by clicking here.