Polystyrene Sample

Fozan and I are on our way to see a piece of the test set. It seems Fozan has calmed down and is a little humbled. He keeps calling Ibrahim to talk Art Dept issues (without discussing them with senior art dept members such as Chris or myself). I don’t know why. But we are on our way and we will see if the sample is any good. Of course the real question is what it’ll look like once it has been aged and painted. Right now it’s just a ‘template’.


Set Construction Meeting With Fozan & Ibrahim

This afternoon I had a meeting with Fozan and Ibrahim to discuss construction. Ibrahim told me that Fozan was to be the show’s Construction Manager. I queried this on the grounds that it was my understanding he was “Malik’s” CM. Ibrahim told me he is now 100% dedicated to “Medinah”.
I could see that Ibrahim was lying. But I played ball, deciding to bring it up again when I had evidence.
I agreed that we should pick up where we left off by having a test set built so we could assess local skills. I also recorded the meeting in case I missed anything. Eventually, I shall include it on this blog. But the best way to know what happened is to read the following email that I sent out afterwards.
I was perplexed to see that while Ibrahim left the meeting after it ended with his copy of the specs for the “test set”, Fozan – who would be responsible for organising the building of the set – left his behind. How was he going to arrange the build with nothing to show to his construction people?