The Cardboard Box Story

Last week, Bob went out to find cardboard boxes to pack up the Art Dept for the move to Qatar. He found around thirty boxes for $14 JOD. He sent this information to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim then emailed Bob telling him that before ATP bought the cardboard boxes, Bob had to go back to the supplier, photograph the boxes, email the photos to Procurement, then await permission to buy them assuming ATP did not find a better deal.

So Bob left again to do this. He measured the boxes. Photographed them. Then emailed the measurements and photos to ATP. He wasted a whole day on this. 

A week later, and Bob has now been told he can go get the boxes. We now have them.

Good news is, ATP got a discount. About £2 JODs.

Bad news is, if you factor in the amount of Bob’s time ATP wasted, plus that of their own Procurement team, Bob and I reckon the $2 JOD saving they made must have cost the investors over $400 JOD in wasted man-time.


UPDATE – May 19th, 2016

More recently, there was the story of the workbench that should normally cost about $200. But which, due to ATP’s behaviour, ended up costing $50,000. This will be detailed in a blog entry in a few weeks.