Chris Quit’s

Chris called a meeting in my room today. Attending was Ray, Terry and myself. Dominic Smithers showed up at the end. Chris told us he had written an email to ATP and Ahmed telling them that he was quitting and would be returning to London Friday. His email was polite. But he told us the reason …

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Proud To Be An Arab Telemedia Slave!

In response to Abdul thinking our 'strike' was funny and Bob 2 quitting I have designed the following t-shirt. Maybe we should have them printed and wear them all. The irony is that Abdul should be the first to wear it. No-one must know better than him what it is to Talal's foot up your arse right now.

Sian’s Contract

Yesterday, Sian told me that her contract with ATG states that if she quits without their consent she must pay them $100,000. She apparently asked them to remove it and they refused. They assured her that this clause was only to be used if she vanished without explanation and no advance warning. But it did not …

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Embezzle? Fly? Repeat?

Talal flew out to Qatar Tuesday night. I believe he comes back today. Wages are late again. I should have been paid Wednesday, Dominic and Ray, Tuesday. Andy on Saturday. I emailed Jude (politely) and she emailed me back saying Accounts were promising two payments on Sunday. I had to ask if that was two …

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Money! Money! Money!

So Talal claims that today he is meeting the investors and their advisors to convince them to continue shooting episode 12 in Jordan and to give us more money to do it. The problem is they might very well say, "You've already had enough money to shoot the first episode. What have you done with …

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