2018. Legal Action? And Who Will Get The Last Laugh…

There are numerous rumours circulating right now that ex-employees are in the process of, or on the verge of, instigating legal action against Arab Telemedia for unpaid wages and breach of contract. I also have reason to suspect that ATG and Ahmed Al Baker may be in a legal battle over who owns what and that Medinah has been put on hold until this is resolved.

This begs the question, what kind of contract did Ahmed Al Baker’s team draw up with ATG, as ownership should never be an issue?

  • ATG was given money.
  • That money should have paid for everything.
  • So everything should be owned by the Qatari investors.

That includes all intellectual rights (barring those I (and any other creative crew) have not been paid for so those remain my (and other crew’s) property), and assets (like the camera equipment and Winnebagos. That there should be any argument over who owns what just goes to show how incredibly naive Ahmed and the Qataris were when they signed a contract with Talal and ATG.

So it looks like ATG may be facing some legal battles this year and there’s good reason to suppose this could end badly for them.

And there’s good reason to suppose that Ahmed and the Studio investors will be the instigators of the bigger legal battle and this will be very embarrassing for them in the international community since it could only have happened if they failed to draw up a proper contract with ATG.

I’ll keep you posted.

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