Delays. Comic Con. Legal Battles. Copyright Theft. And Anwar.

The death of a close relative has resulted in a shift of priorities meaning recent blog posts have been delayed. But they will continue soon. There’s over fifty more blogs and many more recordings to publish.

Meantime, as I predicted, things have gone quiet in Jordan and Qatar since Comic Con, and ATG has removed its press claiming authorship of Medinah – no doubt under pressure from Qatar.

All of which leads me to this conclusion:-

It suggests to me – as I also predicted – that ATG and Ahmed Al Baker are now in a legal battle over who owns what*. So it’s also possible Medinah is on hold while those battles are resolved. Whether it is on hold or it isn’t, the legal battles are going to be very messy. I will blog about this in detail soon and will cover everything from IP to who really owns that Da Vinci Suite that’s been installed at ATG headquarters…

Regarding Comic Con, once the dust had settled after the pilot episode screening, I suspect the reaction was not what they had hoped for. Four thousand people saw the screening of the pilot at Comic Con. But the measure of its success will Be this: Having seen it, how many of them would care to go back…?

Lastly, and on the subject of ownership, I’ll add this. The premise for “Medinah” was not created by Ahmed Al Baker. It was created by Anwar Saudi at ATG. I like Anwar. He struck me as one of the good guys at ATG and it was obvious to me that while he was being gracious about Ahmed stealing his credit, he was justifiably upset about it. The show may be deeply flawed and many reasons can be given for that, but the concept is Anwar’s and he should have been given where it is due.

* I also pointed out in this blog – prior to Comic Con – that neither ATG nor Ahmed and his mob own numerous IPs as these are owned by myself and potentially a few other HoDs. Talal and Ahmed both read this blog and chose to ignore this. No doubt they’ll ignore this next part too – any current legal battles cannot resolve ownership of the show without making good with former crew.

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