Audio Recordings

Within the month, I shall be releasing nearly all recordings of meetings with Arab Telemedia staff and Ahmed Al Baker. They shall all be on a single page and will include a brief description of their content.

Recordings will include;

  1. The meeting where Ibrahim and his lawyer, Yazed Kanan, knowingly break the law by denying international crew legal counsel before signing a contract.
  2. The meeting where Ahmed indicates that he knows Arab Telemedia are embezzling the production’s funds.
  3. The meeting where Ibrahim fires me.
  4. The confrontation where Ibrahim again fires me.
  5. The meeting during which Talal orders his sisters brand new cars using Medinah funds.
  6. The meeting where Ibrahim confirms the budget of the show.
  7. The meeting where Ibrahim makes it clear Arab Telemedia have spent well over $15 million despite having not shot a single frame.
  8. The meeting where Ibrahim tells off an employee for appearing to side with “those foreigners” and says the employee will be fired if he does it again (Ibrahim did not know that one of our crew spoke Arabic).

This is just the stuff I know. I have recordings of numerous meetings where much of the dialogue is in Arabic. Arab Telemedia and Ahmed would do this when they did not want us to know what was being said. So this content could unearth a whole new set of worms.

It will all be released in August. Keep an ear out for it, especially if you speak Arabic. I would be interested in knowing what is said (I shall be arranging transcriptions of Arabic text into English at a later date).


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