Medinah Goes To Comic Con 2017 Despite Ahmed Knowing About IP Theft

There’s going to be a lot about this over the coming months. Suffice to say, Ahmed Al Baker is going ahead with the release of “Medinah” despite the fact the series is a hotbed of legal issues, starting with Intellectual Property rights for the production design of the series.

Maybe Ahmed does not know how IP law works, but the bottom line is that key design elements of the show are derived from my work without my consent and “ignorance is not bliss” in the eyes of the law. To sell the series, he has to say it is free of any potential legal action to the best of his knowledge. But Ahmed knows that is not true. By selling it, he will be breaking the law and he will be subject to legal action by myself and the parties he has sold the series too. Indeed, just by showing the show’s trailer at Comin Con, he is potentially breaking the law.

Twenty years ago, I sued a producer for IP theft and bankrupted him. I will have no qualms about suing another producer who knowingly breaks the law. Also, he lied about paying off the former crew. I have no sympathy for him. He clearly only cares about himself.

Let’s see what happens next…

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