Talal’s London Trip

Tomorrow, Talal is in London – assuming he does not do ‘a Trump’ and cancel his trip.

While former crew remain unpaid, he will no doubt be visiting some very nice restaurants (paid for using surplus money from the money he embezzled from Sheikh Jasim), and staying at the house he bought not so long ago (also paid for using surplus money from the money he embezzled from Sheikh Jasim).

How do I know this?

Several weeks ago, Talal had a message relayed to me asking to meet. I didn’t have to think about it as I’d already been expecting the message. I said no.

How did I know Talal would be reaching out to me? Easy. First, I published entries on my blog indicating I would now be going after Ahmed Al Baker for theft of Intellectual Property; and second, the blog has been making life rather difficult for Talal – this latter point came to a head when I accurately described a meeting that took place at the Qatar Hilton between Ahmed and ATG personnel, a blog entry that has since caused Talal huge stress since he still cannot figure out “who stabbed him in the back”!

As a result, I knew Talal would reach out to me, as much as it must have galled him to do so. But Talal had an agenda;

  1. He expected he could ‘net’ me on the grounds that, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
  2. He would make absolutely sure Ahmed would hear about the meeting.

His plan was all too transparently obvious. So much so I saw it coming over a month before he contacted me. Probably even before he knew he would do it.

I was asked to reconsider. I made an offer. I would not meet him socially. I would meet him as a consultant. My hourly rate would be £6,000 with a minimum of two hours (so £12,000) and payable in advance.

I knew, of course, he would say no. I was just illustrating a point: Talal’s situation is getting increasingly desperate; Their new shows have done very badly, The blog is ruining what little reputation ATG ever had (Current readership over 14,000 including employees of the AFM, MIPCOM, the UK’s Screen Daily and BECTU, and various human rights organisations including Amnesty International), Ahmed Al Baker and his team are looking for ways to sue Talal and ATG, Talal may be Lord of the Manor right now but his days are numbered and he knows it – and yet, even now, he would rather covet a tiny fraction of his “hard stolen” money and say no.

My point was that a sensible man would have taken my offer. But Talal is neither sensible nor a man. Childish pride WILL be his downfall.

It would be amusing to watch Talal continue to “oh so predictably” shoot himself in both feet if it weren’t for all the people who have suffered because of his egomania and greed. Talal desperately wants this blog gone, but until crew are paid and I am compensated, this blog will stay live and continue to haunt him.

On a plus note for him, I’ll be doing a blog entry soon on Ahmed’s attitude towards human rights and the rights of the labourers in Qatar. 

But I’ll also be doing a blog entry for ATG employees. I am currently in talks with Jordanian lawyers about the legal rights and abuses of ATG employees and should any more employees want to contact me via this Blog’s Contact page – anonymity assured – I’m more than happy to talk to them.

The irony is that I’m more than happy to meet Talal, but only if the crew are all paid their wages – at which point I’d also willingly show him how he could reverse the downward spiral of his company and even turn it into the most successful and well-regarded production company in the Middle East.

But that won’t happen.

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