Gulf Plunged Into Diplomatic Crisis As Countries Cut Ties With Qatar

I’m including the below video because it’s not the first time I’ve heard of Qatar’s links to terrorism.

Shortly before I left Qatar, I met numerous non-Qatari residents who were afraid because of rumours that Putin was on the verge of bombing Qatar on account of a wealthy Qatari who was allegedly funding ISIS. I recall looking over the city as I stood on someone’s balcony my last night in Qatar while someone told me that, “This could be bombed any day now by Putin because of this Qatari who is funding ISIS.”

Clearly, that did not happen. But there was another rumour: though I never heard who this Qatari was, I was told that he was connected to Sheikh Jasim. Not long after that, I was told that Ahmed Al Baker’s “Medinah” was really a front being used to fund ISIS by funnelling money via Arab Telemedia Group and offshore accounts.

Do I believe it? No. Not really.

But you have to wonder when Talal Al Awamleh – CEO of Arab TeleMedia Group – owns a Range Rover with the number plate 15 1515.

And where DID all the money go?

The following links will direct you to articles on this subject.

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