Sheikh Jasim’s Poisoned Chalice?

In addition to IP infringement on my designs, rumours from various sources suggest that Ahmed Al Baker and Medinah Company LLC have failed to properly secure full Chain Of Title for the narrative development of the series. 

What does this mean? It means that the entire production is a disaster and a fraud – intentional or otherwise – born out of Ahmed’s stubborn and ignorant conviction that he knows what he is doing – the result of which is that the show can NEVER be sold.

Talal may have deliberately stitched Ahmed up. In which case, Ahmed was too stupid to see it.

If true, Ahmed has royally screwed (pardon the pun), the show’s investor, Sheikh Jasim. There will be more blog entries detailing this later.

Finally, if the above is true, why haven’t the show’s new American producers pointed it out to Ahmed? Or haven’t they bothered because they don’t care? 

Maybe the American producers have their own questionable agenda…?

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