Lawsuits & Help For ATG Employees

Lawsuits against Arab Telemedia Group/Arab Telemedia Productions appear to be moving forward. Meantime, Middle Eastern legal council have confirmed that Ahmed Al Baker and Medinah Company will not be able to sell the series – or even the pilot – without exposing themselves to numerous IP lawsuits.

The sooner Ahmed and both companies wake up to reality and realise that it is quicksand they are standing on, the less painful it will be for them in the future.

On a side note, whilst working at ATG, it was clear to me that many ATG employees hate working there – that they feel trapped by “slave contracts” that appear to allow them no rights. Fortunately for them, ATG may be highly manipulative but they are far from clever. I shall be running a blog entry soon that explains to ATG employees their actual rights. And how they might even be able to seek retribution for ATG’s wrongdoings.

Any concerned employee who would like to contact me in confidence meantime may do so via this blog’s contact form. You may do so anonymously, but be assured that should you submit your details they will not be seen by anyone other than myself without your PRIOR written consent.

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