Site Make-Over

The Arab Telemedia website has been given a make-over to make it easier to navigate past and current articles. While the blog feed is organised by date written, the Twitter and Facebook feeds in the far right column is organised by published.

It has also been renamed Arab Telemedia & Medinah Company LLC. This is because, since the departure of ATG, though things have started to happen, the crew is still subjected to abuse, past wages remain unpaid, and no effort jas been made to communicate with past crew about why.

Perhaps Medinah Company has plans to sue ATG but what evidence is there that this will happen? And on who’s behalf would they be suing if they did? If they were suing to recover crew wages, why not tell the crew? There is no legal reason why they must hide this information. Indeed, it would be to their advantage to do tell former employees since it would breed loyalty and I’m sure there are plenty of former employees who would want to stand as witnesses for Medinah Company in suing ATG.

So I think it’s fair to say that if Medinah Company does have any plans to sue ATG, it will not be on the crew’s behalf – whatever they say.

When I contacted Ahmed Al Baker offering him a chance to write his own blog entry for this blog (I even said I would publish it unedited), he never replied. Indeed, it says a lot about Ahmed’s character that rather than take me up on that offer, he instead chose to block me from reading his Tweets and he completely ignored the former crew apart from those few that he needed. They are the only ones he has paid to date.

On this note, I’m willing the offer Talal an opportunity to write his own unedited entry for this blog. All he needs to do is draft it and email it to me and I’ll post it unedited and without comment from me.

Currently, lawsuits are brewing in Jordan against ATG, and lawsuits are on the verge of being launched against Medinah Company LLC in Qatar. Both are naive enough to think they can get away with what they are doing. Clearly, they have no idea how much smarter the international film and tv industry is than them. And that they are way way way way more powerful.

As the expression goes, they may be big fish in their pond, but they are minnows in the international market. The point of making Medinah was to establish Qatar as an international player in the entertainment market. But what it is going to do is reinforce the international perception of them as a bunch of human rights violators and petty thieves with more money than brains. The Americ company attached to the show talks about a clean slate. Try telling that to the former crew who are still owed over $500,000 in wages that *could* have been paid by Medinah Company LLC but has not.

Then there are all the copyright infringement issues.

IF Ahmed Al Baker tries to sell the show without clearing intellectual property rights issues with me, it’s going to be a major shitfest when both I and the distributor/s end/s up suing Medinah Company and whomever else is involved in the show for selling a show that he knows will be subject to numerous lawsuits. That’s not speculation. That’s fact.

And that is goig to be hugely embarrassing for Sheikh Jasim and his family.

But of course, Ahmed will probably go ahead and do it anyway. And when he does he will not be able to say that I, and others, did not warn him. To reiterate, this is what happened with Chris when he quit and ATG tried not to pay him (and my position is almost identical but with the potential for far more damage if Ahmed continues to think he is above the law);


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 14.50.40
Excerpt from another blog entry an email from Chris to me


It’s going to be an interesting period for both companies when the show finally launches if they have not one right by the people they have stitched up and abused.


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