Chain Of Title & The Law

The concept of Chain Of Title is very simple. If a person contributes creative work to a project – be it a screenplay, a set design, etc. – they must be paid for their work or they continue to own the work they contributed.

In the case of a screenplay, this means WRITER A may have written draft 1 and been paid, WRITER B may have written draft 2 and not been paid, and WRITER C may have written draft 3 and been paid.  If the screenplay is then shot and sold and WRITER B remains unpaid and elements of his/her work remain in the screenplay, the production cannot be sold by the production company because in doing so they must sign a contract that will include clauses where they must confirm they are not aware of any potential legal action by a past contributor – in this case, WRITER B.

ATG and Medinah Company know about Chain Of Title. This is why they paid Chris Richmond for the designs he contributed to the Medinah. I even discussed Chain Of Title with Ahmed Al Baker in regard to Chris Richmond’s work on several occasions.

But they have not paid me.

This means that any designs used in the show where I can prove Chain Of Title (and I have reams of evidence) will mean Medinah Company has broken the law the moment it attempts to sell the show at a film market such as MIPCOM or it is screened on any commercial medium.

Ahmed Al Baker and Medinah Company know I contributed designs. They know those designs were used and have not been paid for. As a result, they cannot sell the show without disclosing this information to any potential buyers. The moment they do so, they have committed a criminal act.

I shall be watching for the show’s sale or release. The moment that happens – if I have not been paid – criminal proceedings will follow and Ahmed Al Baker and Medinah Company will not be able to claim they did not know they were breaking the law.

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