Ahmed Al Baker – The New Talal?

So zero hour has been reached and not a single person has been paid the wages Ahmed Al Baker promised would be paid back before the end of last month (January), any attempt to contact him or his company, Medinah Company, has been ignored, and – in the eyes of myself and many others – any credibility he may have had has been lost.

This blog is called Arab Telemedia Uncut.

It was written to bring to the attention of the public the wrong-doings of ATG’s chief villains, most prominent amongst them, its CEO, Talal Al Awamleh.

This blog was also written to help make sure existing crew got paid the money they were owed. And to help prevent other unsuspecting future crew from joining the show (over the months, I have had numerous “thank you’s” from people who turned down offers of work from ATG after they saw this blog).

But now I am thinking it should be renamed Medinah Uncut so that it may track the ongoing legacy of disrespect, lack of integrity or humanity, deceit and backstabbing this show’s producers are appearing to adhere to.

So this is one last invitation to the show’s producers – both the Qataris and Americans – to prove others and myself wrong.

Show us you are not just like Arab Telemedia. Show you have some integrity and I’ll gladly let you write your own entry for this blog. I won’t edit it. You’ll get your say.

If you don’t do that, you are no better than Arab Telemedia. In which case, this blog will continue and it will start to tar you with the same brush as Arab Telemedia.

Zero hour has arrived….

One thought on “Ahmed Al Baker – The New Talal?

  1. From when things started to become apparent where this gig was heading, it has only become more obvious that medinah company were already “sleeping with the enemy”. I would love to put my views forth as to where the money went………….but that would only be speculation. Like every project both companies will do from here on. I pity any credible production, workforce, suppliers or investors that have any dealings with these entities in the future. I can only hope this blog continues to serve as a warning to others to stay well away.
    The sad part of it all is they could have built a great future for the film industry in the Middle East. Instead they have destroyed the opportunity. And it won’t take “Americans” too long to realise this either.


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