Medinah Company. The New ATG?

Next week, I shall be writing a detailed report concerning the failure of Ahmed Al Baker and his company, Medinah Company, to honour their promise to pay crew wages owed and the likely reasons for this now blatant lie.

I’ll also bring up the sticky subject of Chain Of Title. Since neither ATG nor Medinah Company has failed to pay me all my wages or have me sign a proper contract, it means that all designs done under my wing, and those derived from my designs, belong to me. Which means all the footage shot in the caves, the bus, or anything else that was built, cannot be used. Because any attempt to sell the show will require that Medinah Company signs a contract guaranteeing no potential copyright infringement lawsuits which they can’t do, because assuming they did not figure it out already, it’s stated that they are in breach of copyright RIGHT HERE!

Then there are the mounting lawsuits against ATG. Yes, they exist. And I’ll start reporting on these next week.

So much for a clean slate…

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