Payday & A Happy New Year!


“Happy New Year” everyone!

As you all know, this is the month Medinah Company has promised all former crew they will be paid all outstanding wages earned under – but not paid by – Arab Telemedia Group.

I estimate this could be anywhere between $250-750,000. And I will be tracking reimbursements and reporting on them on this blog throughout the month.

I have been told by Medinah Company that money has been set aside to pay all wages this month (January 2017). By the end of this month, no-one should be owed anything. Medinah Company is not handling payments directly as they have appointed a separate company to manage all payments.

However, I have yet to hear who this company is. As such, I have been advised that any invoices should be sent directly to Medinah Company. If you have not done this, I suggest you do so immediately.

I have not received instructions on who to send them to or how to mark them. I suggest to ease things for them, all emails are marked;

ATP Unpaid Wages – Invoices Attached

…in the subject heading.

As we all know, there have been countless broken promises, instances of abuse, blatant manipulation and lies, theft, embezzlement and Lord knows what else by the Talal Al Awamleh run company, Arab Telemedia Group, throughout their involvement in Medinah.

But they are no longer involved. They have finally been fired. And the Sheikh Jasim-backed Medinah – The Series is now a Medinah Company run project.

Qatar is in control.

Americans are helping.

And it is a new year.

So let’s all adopt a positive spirit and support Medinah Company in their promise to get everyone fully paid before the end of this month.

Wishing You All The Very Best For 2017,

The Arab Telemedia Uncut Blog

PS. Any questions you have, please use the comments section or email us via the Contact Us page at:

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