Promising News!

I had a call today from a key Qatari player in the ‘reboot’ of Medinah after it was very nearly destroyed by Arab Telemedia. 

He promised me that plans are underway to make sure all former crew are paid *in full* before the end of January, 2017.

A specialist team has been set up to make sure this happens. Needless to say, ATG is not involved. 

So I think a special thanks is in order to the Qatari producers behind the Medinah reboot for offering to bail former crew out from Arab Telemedia’s wrong-doings!

4 thoughts on “Promising News!

  1. […] The conversation was friendly and positive. Ahmed explained that money had already been set aside to pay former crew the wages they were still owed (including any ongoing crew who were owed wages) and that a separate company had been appointed to oversee this process and guarantee that it happened. He promised me that all crew would be fully reimbursed by the end of January 2017 (this month) and mentioned that I would hear from the “appointed company” very soon to enquire about what money I was personally owed. I thanked Ahmed for taking the time to call me and wrote a follow-up blog entry on his call (blog entry “Promising News” – click here to read). […]


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