Arab Telemedia Fired! US Company Takes Over!

It’s been confirmed. After embezzling over $38 million dollars, Arab Telemedia has been fired. In their place, a US Production company has taken over. Luca Bercovici is stepping in as the new Executive Producer and Show Runner, and Bobby Barbacioru is the new Supervising Producer. Unfortunately for them, they have to make the show with what is left – around $12 million.

To this end, they have cut the show from 20 to 8 episodes. Wise move. And they’re employing Romanian crew. Another wise move.

Will they be able to pull it off? I think so.

Of course I’d like to be involved. I invested too much in MEDINAH to let it go. But I’m still owed $13.6K based on the current conversion rates. To their credit, the current producers have expressed the desire to see all previous crew paid off. Personally, I’d rather work on the show and they keep the money.

Watch this space.

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