Explosive Post

I promised a blog entry not so long ago which would prove that the investors had some idea of what Arab Telemedia was up to.

I’ve decided to hold back in publishing it, but I will say this;

In September 2015, I attended a meeting in which an Arab Telemedia Group representative was ‘cornered’ by myself and others over why it was ATG had failed to pay him several months wages. This confrontation was witnessed by an studio / investor representative who finally said, “I don’t understand. What has happened to all the money we gave you?”

At that point, the ATG representative could be seen panicking. He tried to explain further but what he said made no sense. It was at that point that the studio / investor representative finally said, “It sounds to me like you are spending our money on your other shows.”

Now for anyone who’s not clear on this, this is called embezzling. The studio / investor representative had just flagged that s/he had some idea what might be going on.

At this point, the ATG representative looked (my word) terrified.

For anyone who doubts this meeting took place, I have the recording. It will be released in due course.

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