The Contract From Hell

For anyone wanting to see what the contract is like, well here it is.

This is the thing they wanted me to sign.

The contract I was fired for for refusing to sign.

The contract Ibrahim told us we were not allowed to seek legal council for even after I told him he was breaking the law by denying us our legal rights and essentially blackmailing us.

The contract Yazed Kanan said was written to protect the crew’s interests, not ATG’s or ATP’s (shouldn’t it be illegal for a lawyer to knowingly lie and to support the statement that the “people across the table” not be allowed to seek legal council).

The contract Ibrahim told me we had to first sign or the investors would not release funds to ATG/ATP, only to then be told that was “a misunderstanding”.

Enjoy. (not sure that’s the right word)

Click here to see it.

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