News From ATG, “Here’s Your Wages. Not!”

Bob’s been paid. Finally. Actually, he’s been paid 6 weeks despite being owed 7 and currently being in is 8th week. Okay, that I get. Same old game of holding some back to keep the screws tight.

But Matt has only been paid 4 weeks. They decided they would pay him the other 2 weeks next week. Which makes no sense since he left about 3 weeks ago so why hold back the last 2 week’s wages? Well, other than to serve ATG’s interests.

Construction has also been paid.

The only person who has not been paid is Kristine. She has not signed the Release Form (the one that says she will accept that ATP will not be liable for accidents or suable). Not hard to work out why they’re not paying her.


What a surprise!!!

I did email Fadi (and CC’d Majid and Ibrahim and George and Ahmed) two days ago saying I knew that the crew had received the Release Form (while I had not), that crew had signed a document saying how much they were owed (which I had not been asked to do), and that I had not seen the latest contract (assuming there is one), but Fadi did not answer. Nor did Ibrahim. Nor did Majid.

If ever they wanted to make it obvious they have no intention of paying me, they just made it loud and clear.

I sent an same email again yesterday as a “gentle reminder”.

Again, no answer.

So ATG business as usual then.

So let’s back-track.

About a week and a half ago, I sent an email with my invoices attached to ATP (Ibrahim, Eyad, Majid, as I recall). I did not get an answer (although I did get notifications on my iPhone’s Wave Accounting app that two of the invoices had been opened by someone at ATP, so they had clearly seen them).

No answer.

I sent the same email to Majid again today.

Again, no answer.

I’m detecting a pattern here. 😉

So I don’t think anyone would blame me for now knowing I will never be paid.

Ray said he would talk to Ibrahim at the weekend. And it’s been suggested I email Medinah Company who will bring it to the attention of “the studio” if I have not been paid within a week of the rest of the crew.

So I’m setting a deadline of Thursday 17th March (exactly one year after I first started working for ATP). If I’m not paid by then, this blog is going live.

And let’s be honest. I won’t be paid.

I know it.

ATG knows it.

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