ATP’s Plan B

I had a call this morning from a few of the crew. The entire international crew has been handed the following;

Initially, it looks like a standard assignment of rights. But then you very quickly get to the part that says you cannot sue Arab Telemedia. And near the end, your agreement that you have been paid despite the fact you have not.

It’s a gag order, plain and simple, that denies anyone the right to sue even if they have not been paid.

It means that even if the crew does not get paid, they can no longer bad mouth ATP, ATG, Talal, Ibrahim, and so on.

Medinah Company called one of the crew to ask them to please not sign it. I have been told no one is going to sign it.

I’ve been told the Construction crew may be leaving after this. They have had enough.

Let’s see what happens next.

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