No-one has been paid. No justifiable excuse offered.

There was mention of problems with the transfer. The usual ATP excuses, really.

Then there was that business about having crew-members sign to validate money owed: an obvious stalling technique as Ibrahim had been claiming for weeks all the transfer slips were ready to go and nothing was needed from the crew to pay them.

We do know they have always had enough money to pay the crew. And now they have even more. So it really is just excuses.

I believe the crew will be paid this week. But I don’t believe they will get all their pay. ATP will hold part of it back to try to keep the crew in Qatar. If the crew have any sense, they will cut their loses and leave at that point.

I’m glad to be out of it. But I would go back if ATP was gone.

I believe most of the crew feel that way. Except those who really have had enough.

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