$ Day Minus Zero

It’s pay day.

I emailed Kristine and Ray earlier. Kristine replied – told me that;

“Nothing new from here, I think they are paying today but no slips are sent out yet.
This morning they got us to sign for the missing weeks…..fingers crossed….”

Getting paid would be good. Seems ATP never paid me for the outstanding October payment either despite Eyad (the Qatar-based accountant) agreeing I had 100% solid proof my bank never received it.

Anyway, I resent them all my outstanding invoices in one email so they could not claim they did not know about any of them.

I’m curious to know why Ibrahim told me not to do that hand-over until the new designer was on board. Given ATP’s track-record, I wondered if this would end up being used as an excuse to indefinitely stall on paying me.

But that would be wrong because there was never any official agreement between us that would have to happen. In short, ATP has no right to withhold my wages. Or to make any deductions. In fact, they still have over £500 worth of my gear in Jordan which they never sent on to Qatar despite constant requests.

This last week, I have been very nice to ATP. I have more-or-less told them I do not want to hold a grudge. But of course, I do because ATP is an evil company that deserves no sympathy. The only reason for doing this is because they are incredibly spiteful and I do not want to give them reason to think they have a right to withhold my wages (and they do love to concoct reasons to permanently withhold people’s wages). So I’m being nice. I’m not giving them excuses. But I’m still sceptical about getting paid. Ever.

Oh, and the only email any of them has sent me since I left is the one coming from Ibrahim saying not to do the handover which of course may have an alternate agenda. I even contacted Ahmed afterwards by Skype saying;

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.50.48 PM

My reason for sending this? A pre-emptive strike to make sure Ahmed knows I was told not to do the hand-over in case ATP told him I had refused to do it. Ridiculous, but necessary…


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