No Wages Yet

So ATP is supposed to have received enough money to keep ATP going for another three months.

Actually, I should say, “Keep the crew paid for another three months” because that’s partly what the money is earmarked for so that ATP can’t claim they have no money to pay the crew. Because we ALL know they could have paid the crew if they had wanted to.

Meantime, still no wages for any of us.

I have no money to pay the rent next week. Which is ridiculous. Other people are defaulting on mortgages, missing their children’s exam bills, not paying parent’s medical bills — and all because ATP wants even MORE money.

So the investors have been FORCED to cough up more money for ATP to pay the crew despite knowing that ATP could pay the crew any time it wants. Of course if they could, the investors would pay the crew direct (or so they claim). But, while I do not know this for a fact, it is apparently the case they cannot do that for some contractual reason. So ATP has the investors over a barrel. And the crew are – quite literally – paying for it.

Personally, my concern is Ibrahim won’t pay me now I’m back in the UK. Or they will only pay part of my wages for some bullshit reason. But if they try either of these, I will publish this blog. In truth, I should anyway. People need to know why they should stay well away from this ‘company’.

And they need to know it was not Qatar’s fault, not the fault of the investors, Ahmed or anyone else in Qatar. But rather this has all been the doings of a little company in Jordan that’s so crooked, and so arrogant, it thinks it can get away with anything.

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