Flight Home

Note: I wrote this entry a couple of days ago. But didn’t post it as I hadn’t yet added tags. I’m now home.

So here’s the entry of a few days ago. And I was on the Doha to Bahrain flight as I wrote it.

“I’m on the plane home. 

Not exactly what I had imagined last week. But in a way, not so surprising. Having been put in an impossible position by Ibrahim (to get the international crew to sign a contract no contract-savvy westerner would ever sign), it was inevitable.

In hindsight I will say one thing. Ibrahim would have been in an impossible position too, having been told by Talal to get people to sign the contract no matter what.

It’s a shame neither Talal nor Ibrahim would listen because the irony is the crew did want a contract. We all do. We always have done. But the contract offered to us was grossly one-sided.

And here’s the kicker. 

Though Ibrahim had told me the contract must be signed before the investors would release further funds, the day after I was fired he told the crew this had been a misunderstanding. And the contract was quietly dropped.

The crew is now being told they will be paid around February 25th although it looks like this is because ATP is being pressured to do so. Fadi sent a vague email saying the 25th. Diana from costume emailed him back saying if that date was missed the Costume Dept would not go back to work.

In the last 24 hours I have emailed Talal and Ibrahim in an attempt to make amends. Why would I do that? So I get paid.

I really do not know what the big deal about the contract was but it did seem to be a big deal. It was the focus for one week. And I think they blame me for the consequences of its not being signed in time (it seems there was a deadline). So there’s every likekihood they will not pay me.

So I’ve extended an olive branch in the hope I’ll be paid. And only so I’ll be paid. But I’m very sceptical. Because ATG has a history of not paying people what they’re owed. They almost seem to take pride in it. But I have something they don’t know about. This blog. And if they don’t pay me, I will publish this blog. And it will serve them right.

In my favour, Ahmed told me he would speak to Talal. He does not want me fired. I’m very grateful to him for that.

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