The Plot Didn’t Thicken

By the way, Ibrahim never answered my email recited in the January blog entry, “The Plot Thickens”. That’s the email where I try to smoke him out to see if he would welcome help to speed things up and cut costs. No reply. Clearly help was not wanted to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The question is why?

Stop me if I’ve said this before. It’s been a very arduous and exhausting week so I may be repeating myself, but a member of the international crew who has witnessed several identical situations to this one first-hand explained it to myself and a few other people yesterday, and the moment he did we all knew he was right; ATP has been using just the interest on the money they are allegedly embezzling to pay for the production.

No wonder there’s never a proper cash-flow to get things done.

No wonder Ibrahim does not want help – it would only expose the lie.

And of course it means their claims that they don’t have money to pay the crew would have to be a total lie.


This applies to the current situation too. Once again, ATP (ATG) is claiming to have no money left. They are saying they cannot shoot anything more until they are paid more. But there is simply no way $30 million-plus can be spent when you have only done three weeks of filming!

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