The most ‘unhuman’ person I have ever met!

I slept all day today. Though I have not been paid, my own personal nightmare with ATP is at an end. I was fired twice. More on that later.

In short, Talal told me I would be “unfired” if I signed the contract. (That was after threatening me, intimidating me, calling me “the most unhuman person he had ever met”, “evil”, a “racist”, and shouting “fuck western thinking!” then turning on the charm when thinking he was getting his way and telling me he could see I was a “good person”, “a very good person” and a good “human being” – all in less than 15 minutes. Wow.).

Anyway, I refused to sign because I have not been paid since I got back, ATP would not let me have a copy of the contract to show to my lawyer, in short they were trying to blackmail me into signing a very dodgy-looking contract *under duress* that I was not allowed to get advice on.

Today I don’t want to think about them. I feel like I’ve spent the last eleven months dancing with the Devil’s sleazy uncle.

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