I am going to refer to the person who tried to kill themselves yesterday as Susan. I’ll also call Susan a ‘he’ just to hide their identity more. Here’s what I was able to piece together about what happened. Some I’ve already said. This is the latest time-line.

Susan had been working here with the rest of the crew when he was sent to Amman to report directly to ATG and Talal.

He was then told to achieve the impossible in an impossibly short period of time. He was told that if he did not do this, he would be fired. I recall him saying repeatedly – when he was still in Doha“I have to do this or they will fire me.” He was clearly very worried, so much so I could see certain nervous ticks that led me to comment to Kristine that I was worried he might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Anyway, a week after I told Kristine that, he was sent to Amman where he had no support group, he was more or less on his own, and he was at Talal’s and ATG’s beck and call.

Three weeks later, he went crazy and tried to kill himself three times.

Bob asked for ATG’s help (I think he spoke to Talal). ATG decided to put Susan on a plane unsupervised and send him home; not back to his family where he would have support, but to the country where he lived, would be alone, and would try to kill himself again. Indeed, given his mental state, he might not have even lasted the flight.

Bob was appalled. He call ‘another Bob’ who promptly offered his support. Between them, they took Susan to various hospitals until they found one that could help. Susan was heavily sedated (made unconscious) and put in a psyche ward.

Susan’s sister is, fortunately, a psychiatric nurse. She was called. At this moment, arrangements are being made by Bob and ‘another Bob’ and a friend of Susan’s to get him back to his home country, with family, where he can be looked after. I imagine his sister will come and collect him and he will be transferred safely back.

At no point did ATP or Talal offer to help. They just wanted rid of him.

I have been fired. But the reason I cannot fight this company anymore is because of Susan. After their failure to help members of the crew in need of urgent financial assistance, leading to their trying to dump Susan out with the rest of their ‘trash’, this company sickens me to the core.

They will say they did help the crew. I’ve heard they are giving Rita her rent money today. But we told them she needed it three days ago. And instead they gave money they could have given to her to the Bangladeshi guys to stop them leaving (cause it would look bad for ATP).

They put ATG interests first. They did not care about people losing their homes, someone’s father potentially dying in hospital (they never asked what was wrong with him), children’s education and future being jeopardised, Rita and her team being made homeless. They did not care about Susan. All they care about is money.

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