Senator McCarthy Is Alive & Kicking (and working for Arab Telemedia)

I’m in the office today despite being fired yesterday. I’m here to:-

  1. Write my “acknowledgement of being fired” email plus insist upon it being put in writing giving a reason why.
  2. View the contract if requested as a courtesy.
  3. To collect my laundry.

I’m about to write my acknowledgement of being fired email subject to its being put in writing by Ibrahim.

Latest development…

Yesterday, Ibrahim started to comment that while people were here, they were not working. This was a distortion of something I had said (what actually happened was that I had remarked to the affect that people could not work because ATP was not giving them materials. He asked who. I was about to say – I wasn’t thinking – when I saw what he was about to do. He was literally sitting there, pen in hand, waiting for me to “name names” like some Senator McCarthy-practitioner. I refused to give him names, which can be heard in the recording in which Ibrahim fired me).

So, just now Eyad came round asking for this morning’s time-sheets. They are usually submitted at the end of the day. So despite my refusing to give Ibrahim names, he was still trying to find a way to penalise the unpaid crew!

First, people are doing what they can given that there are no materials or cash or sufficient crew to do what they should be doing because ATP is withholding funds. People are keeping busy. Though God knows why since they have not been paid, have been repeatedly lied to, have been threatened, bullied and abandoned.

But now it looks like Ibrahim is looking for excuses not to pay people! Or to fire people!!! So now he is also checking what time they came in!

Need I say more…?

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