Suicide Attempt = 3. Help From ATG = 0.

It gets worse. Turns out this person didn’t just have a breakdown. This person tried to kill themselves.

Not once.

Not twice.

Instead, this person tried to kill themself…



This was clearly a very very bad situation.

Bob witnessed all this and – because they were in Jordan – he call ATG to ask for help. ATG’s solution? Put this person on a plane and get rid of them.

Now think about that. A person tries to kill themselves three times. So what are they going to try to do if you stick them on a plane?

Care to guess?

I’ll tell you what Bob thought.

Bob was upset.

Bob was so upset, he quit.

In the end, and because ATG refused to help, he had to request ‘another Bob’s’ help to sort it.

The Qatar-based crew found out about all this today. We are all deeply shocked and appalled beyond words.

I feel crushed. I have never (personally) witnessed such inhumanity in my life.

ATP are monsters. There’s simply no other word for it,

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