One of the international crew has had a nervous breakdown. I noticed something was wrong with this person shortly after arriving back in Doha after Xmas. This person was acting a bit strange. Shortly after, in a meeting, I noticed this person was having problems forming coherent sentences. There was nervous ticks. Instinctively, I felt this person was on the verge of some sort of breakdown.

Since then, ATP has been telling this person, “Do the ‘impossible’ or you will be fired.” For a week I kept hearing this person say, “I have to make this work or I’ll be fired”. It was like listening to a stuck record. I told Kristine I thought this person was about to snap. She said she had noticed things too.

This person has now had a complete breakdown. They had to be restrained. And now they are being taken round numerous hospitals in the hope of getting help for them by a Jordanian friend and the director.

Is ATP helping? Doesn’t seem so.

So now this person needs to be added to the count of ATP victims.

Until now, ATP were just a bunch of bullies. Things are starting to take on a far more sinister turn.

What could ATP possibly do next?

I really don’t know anymore.

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