Low Point. Again

Everyone seems very down today. I’m of course referring to the crew. Not ATP. Although they didn’t look to be in very good shape yesterday. Majid looked very tired. I feel for the guy. Must be awful to be a good guy trapped at ATP.

He came over to the Art Dept after we met Ibrahim to ask me to meet them in Ibrahim’s hotel room to look at the contract. I refused saying I would be too tired (which is true). Majid looked desperate. He suggested earlier times. 7pm. 6pm. I said no. After all, the contract is being brought to the studio tomorrow for people to see so what difference would it make? I can look at it here. He left looking depressed.

Bobby then came to me. Asked if we were going to Ibrahim’s room that evening as hods. I said no. Clearly, Ibrahim did not want to bring the contract to the studio for public perusal by the crew. Clearly, he hoped someone would sign it before then.

Ibrahim then went to talk to Tim and Neil. Not sure what about. I’ll ask later today.

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