Per Diems Robbery

Things are getting increasingly nasty here.

Majid has lost 5,000 Riyals (about £1,000) so he’s deducting it from Ray’s per diems. He’s not bothered to prove it’s Ray’s fault. But he’s deducting it anyway.

I don’t entirely blame Majid. Last time he lost per diems and was convinced it was someone’s else’s fault, Ibrahim deducted it from Majid’s salary.

Now 5,000 Riyals is a month’s salary for Majid and he has two young children that he dotes on and he knows Ibrahim will deduct it from his salary. He is scared and with good reason.

But to deduct it from Ray’s per diems when Ray and I offered to help fix it and I promised him we would make sure he will not have to pay it is not on.

I gave Rita my per diems today to help her with her rent. I could have given it Majid to help him with his.

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