Hamad’s Reply. Oh Dear….

Here is Hamad’s reply to Neil’s email about bullying.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 6.32.03 PM

This caused great mirth amongst the international crew. Only ATP could be so far up its own ‘culty’ ass as to think this would scare Neil.

Note that he CC’d it to everyone. ATP loves to do that – to try to publicly humiliate people. But if anyone (non-ATG/ATP) should CC everyone in on an email chastising ATG/ATP, they better look out or the legal team will get them!

Christof asked us to cut Hamad some slack. He said Hamad is in a difficult position. He signed a year-long contract with ATP and he can’t get out of it. Doesn’t mean he has to be a moron though, does it? Have they really got his balls squeezed that tightly?

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