You Shall Not Park!!!

In the midst of imminent strike action due to unpaid wages since returning after Christmas, Hamad sent out an email about parking arrangements outside the workshops now that an office tent has been set up opposite.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.35.23 AM

Ibrahim has been away from the Production offices for the last week and a half (he flew back to Amman with Simon, Ralf and Antony on the Sunday before last, without telling us he was going – wise move since we were about to wrestle him to the ground and demand our wages).

Anyway, Hamad’s email enraged a lot of people who felt patronised by someone who clearly did not know what he was doing (work vehicles not allowed access to a working studio!?!), and battles ensued. He has not backed down. He has shown no-one respect.

By the way – Majid has not been around the last few days. Since our strike meeting, the only Production person here has been Hamad.

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