The $50,000 Workbench!!!

This is a story I keep meaning to tell but which I keep forgetting to. Finally, here it is.

A week or so ago, Neil Cromie told me the story of the $50,000 workbench. In a nutshell, despite Majid and Ibrahim having been warned repeatedly that certain equipment and materials should be available for when the construction team arrived, they were not.

So, with no tools, no power, and no materials, the construction crew had very little to do in the first month they were here.

So they built a workbench.

This bench came to be know as…

THE $50,000 WORKBENCH!!!

…because that’s how much time was wasted while the construction team stood around waiting for ATP to deliver something – anything!!! – of the equipment and materials we had been asking for for literally months.

By my estimates, that figure must have increased substantially given all the delays ATP has fostered upon the construction team and the rest of the crew.

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