Catch 22

Steve Pickering just showed me a letter he has hand-written to ATP absolving himself of responsibility should the rather expensive foam spray machine compressor explode due to power outages.

This goes back to when the machine was first delivered. We advised ATP that the machine requires a continuous electrical supply or it could be irreparably damaged. ATP promised to sort out continuous power but – surprise surprise – they have not (the foam sprayer was delivered over a month ago).

The problem is they got Steve to sign for responsibility of the equipment. Now, since they have failed to keep their side of the bargain, he is absolving himself of his.


Catch 22.

Let’s see what happens next…

3 thoughts on “Catch 22

  1. Seriously ATP I wonder how you can break wages law in Qatar .I have been with these hardworking people who sacrificed themselves to do what they like and see the Medinah series happen but alas …the treatment they are getting ,unpaid wages ,they dnt have the right paperwork for their visas,no medical insurance… banks wages are by cash …..wonder if the Qatar labour and human right know about this ….modern slavery!!!!!!.employers are just reluctant and is time Qatar government start digging deep because there is more to the naked eye can see


  2. Funnily enough, nearing the end of May we still have power issues. Although a new generator has been placed, we now have problems with the purchase of diesel to keep this generator running. Go figure

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    1. And they expect the foam sprayer to perform with this kind of situation..ATp pay the wages ,make your employees happy and you will be surprised by the results simple!!


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