So Which Show Are We Making Here???

So for the last four weeks our Sketchup Artist has been working on “Malik” and ATP has been pretending he’s working on branding for Medinah.

Today Ibrahim went up to him and said (loudly so people would hear), “So what are you working on?” Our SketchUp Artist replied, “Branding for Medinah”. To which Ibrahim replied, “Good. That’s exactly what you’re working on!”

Of course we all know better. I mean seriously?!? – the Art Dept has not been able to use its own Sketchup Artist for the last few weeks because Production has him doing “other things” and Ibrahim thinks  we won’t notice what he is up to?!?

Bottom line – this once again puts ATP in breach of contract because their contract states they are not allowed to use Medinah money to finance work on their other shows. Put another way, I believe it is called “embezzling funds”.

But then we’ve been here before. Many times. And they’re still doing it.

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