Ibrahim – Sociopath or Arsehole?

To this day I don’t really understand Ibrahim. Maybe he’s a sociopath? I don’t know. I do know his people skills are excruciatingly bad. Like a kid, really.

To illustrate, take a look at these two emails. The first is from Ray. It refers to ATP telling Ray and Rita and everyone else at the hangar that from now on they will not have access to money – instead all money will be handled by a single person named Abdel Rehman. One has to feel sorry for Abdel. He thought he had landed a nice new job. Little did he know he was just a patsy put in the Art Dept’s way to make it hard for us to spend any money on props or dressing – a requirement of our job;

And here is Ibrahim’s response;

So, no mention of the problems Ray raised. Just a thinly veiled threat. Ibrahim might have well sent this;

What is clear now is that the series will likely look shit because it will have next to no dressing or props.

The reality is that despite my submitting two Art Dept budgets to ATP – one for the series and one for episode one, they have never made an effort to talk to me about them. They still refuse to discuss how much money there is and how it will be spent.

They are not only incompetent, they are arrogant as hell. Shame.

One thing I did find out this week. Ahmed admitted that ATP’s accounts have been opened after an incident in Jordan not long after we moved to Qatar. Clearly “the incident” was Talal telling Ahmed the fortress set would cost $250k after Chris had already told Ahmed it would cost at most $8k.

The truth is gradually coming out and it seems my assessment of ATP has been spot on.

FOOTNOTE (added 8th August 2018)

Ibrahim eventually ‘confided’ to me that he does not give a shit about ATG, Talal (“Fuck Talal!” as he told me), or the show. All he cared about, he said, was his job. What is clear is that he does not care about people either. He was prepared to do anything to anyone to get what he wanted to keep his job. Most people have a line they cannot cross when their job is on the line. Ibrahim does not. He may not be a sociopath, but he is a profoundly selfish small-minded little man with no principles and a gift for bullshit and lies. I’m not saying anything here that ATG employees won’t already know. But such is his stranglehold on ATG staff, no-one would ever dare admit that they know what he is.

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