Predictable Ambush

Just as I was about to walk out the door to go meet Ahmed, Majid called. Abdul wanted to see me.

I said I was late and would see him when I got back. Moments later, Majid called me again. Except it was Abdul. I met him. He told me I was not allowed to go. He demanded to know why I was seeing Ahmed. Foolishly I was honest and told him I felt Ahmed should appoint me “acting Production Designer” until a new designer was attached as I felt ATG would appoint someone internally and that would be a disaster.

Abdul accused me of spending yesterday running around telling everyone my “ridiculous idea”, which is not true. When I challenged him to tell me who had said this, he could not answer. I asked him to promise me that no-one internal would be appointed. He said he was not 100% sure, so I pointed out that if he was not 100% sure then clearly he did not consider it such a ridiculous idea. He refused to answer that.

He is so transparent and yet he refuses to admit it. Does he believe his own lies? It’s hard to tell.

Bottom line — Abdul has blocked me from seeing Ahmed because Abdul doesn’t want me as acting Production Designer because right now the Art Dept is a rudderless ship and ATG want to seize control.

ATG have made suggestions for new designers to Ahmed. People like Stuart Craig (Harry Potter designer) who would not dream of doing this series in a million years. Are ATG stalling with stupid suggestions? Hard to know. But right now there is no Art Dept and ATG are no doubt glad of it.

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