Abdul’s Sister

Abdul’s Sister was to start work today. As of this morning, she has pulled out. Why? because of ATG’s contract. Here’s what it allegedly included;

  1. Ten days unpaid holiday.
  2. One year contract.
  3. $20,000 fine if anyone complained about her work. Such as failure of a prop to be up to standard.
  4. $125,000 fine if she discussed the show with anyone (when she pointed out she had to do that to do her job properly she was told she would have to do her job without doing it).
  5. Terrible wages.

She’s not the first. Abdul’s Cousin’s contract said that if she left without permission she would have to pay a $100,000 fine. Abdul’s Brother signed an agreement that he would not take another job until ATG had offered him an agreement (this is not the same as an agreement that allows them first refusal – they were saying he could not take another job even if they had not counter-offered).

So Abdul’s Sister has turned down the job offer.

She was the only person other than Abdul’s Brother to consider working for ATG. Based on what just happened, I’ll be surprised if Abdul’s Brother signs. And if he does, I may have to fire him for his own sake.

Name’s above changed to protect identities.

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