Proud To Be An Arab Telemedia Slave!

In response to Abdul thinking our 'strike' was funny and Bob 2 quitting I have designed the following t-shirt. Maybe we should have them printed and wear them all. The irony is that Abdul should be the first to wear it. No-one must know better than him what it is to Talal's foot up your arse right now.

Strike Action Update

Though we worked, we did not go into the office Thursday or Saturday (Friday being our day off). Abdul knew we were working because I had told him we were. This morning I got a call from Abdul. I then emailed the crew summarising what he had said; Abdul had joked about his points not being alphabetical. …

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Abdul’s Sister

Abdul's Sister was to start work today. As of this morning, she has pulled out. Why? because of ATG's contract. Here's what it allegedly included; Ten days unpaid holiday. One year contract. $20,000 fine if anyone complained about her work. Such as failure of a prop to be up to standard. $125,000 fine if she …

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