Stuck In Jordan

Shatat is still stuck in Jordan. ATG is still refusing to bring him out here.

Abdul apparently told Andrew that he could get another Shatat out here within a few days. He also infuriated Emad by saying that since we trained Emad and Shatat up we should do the same with local people to replace them.

We did not train Emad and Shatat up. They were both highly-skilled people who were hired because of their skills. Shatat is BY FAR the best SketchUp artist I have come across. He is ridiculously fast, doing in less than an hour what it takes other SketchUp artists a day or more to do. And he does it better.

The only thing we taught Shatat was the everyday practices of a film/TV art department and, perversely, we have not done much of that because we do not have an everyday art department because ATG refuses to staff our department properly and refuse to let us do our job properly.

So thanks to ATG, we’ve really taught Shatat very little and Emad nothing at all.

It is so typical of the obtuseness and arrogance of ATG (and now Abdul) to think they could train anyone to do anything. The first people that need to be trained is them.

Chris will be talking to Abdul again tomorrow about Shatat. If Shatat is not out here by next weekend, I think it will be my turn to try.

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