Sian’s Contract

Yesterday, Sian told me that her contract with ATG states that if she quits without their consent she must pay them $100,000.

She apparently asked them to remove it and they refused. They assured her that this clause was only to be used if she vanished without explanation and no advance warning. But it did not say that.

Why would they add this clause to her specific contract? Because Sian is very chummy with the Jordanian Royal Film Commission and they are encouraging her to direct and I suspect ATG wants to own her because of it.

But that’s okay. Because Sian isn’t likely to disappear without trace or an explanation.

Unless she drops down dead in the middle of a desert of course.

In which case she’ll have to become a zombie and drag her rancid corpse back to Amman so she can pay ATG the $100K she owes them.

But hold on a minute … if she does that, she hasn’t disappeared without a trace so she doesn’t owe them the money.

What was the point of the clause again???

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