Art Dept List

The following makes for interesting reading. It is a list of all the things that are supposed to have been done to date. Each is followed by a recent comment by the art department on progress, which is in turn followed by a comment by ATG’s rep, which is finally followed by a comment by the art department. Note how the ATG rep tries to twist every single point around to make it look Production is dealing with it or the art department is at fault. This is then “shot down” by the art department’s final comment.

This is the censored version. The uncensored version isn’t quite so diplomatic in calling the ATG rep a liar.

  1. Buses Not Purchased – further explanation is needed from Production due to conflicting information. ATG: We have finalised the purchase back when we were still in Jordan right After Eid. We are now waiting for your team to finalise their choice and inspect the actual buses while in Qatar and having Ahmad’s approvals. Art Dept: Since the Art Dept was not told a deal had been done by Production until last week, the Art Dept could not finalise their choice. Update:Production and the Art Dept have now viewed and chosen buses. Production is now finalising purchase.
  2. Deal Not Confirmed With Shatat & Emad – conflicting information on this. Latest is that Ahmed is happy for them to come but for some reason Shatat still has not been offered a deal and Emad has turned down his offer. Shatat will continue to work in Jordan but he is needed in Doha ASAP as his skills are integral to the caves and other sets being built. ATG: The general direction on this subject is to hire local Qataris with the same experience as Shatat and Emad in order for them to gain expertise and your department should train these crews just like they did train Shatat and Emad in Jordan. Therefor, Shatat and Emad should no longer be considered for this project. Art Dept: The Art Dept did not train Emad or Shatat in the skills they were hired for. It is not possible to train people to Shatat’s standard on SketchUp given we need someone of his standard now and he has years of training and experience behind him. Working with him remotely is proving inefficient. Until he is here the Art Dept cannot do its job properly. He is required in Doha immediately.
  3. Head Carpenter Not Pencilled – Cannot be done until a CM has been secured as the CM will choose his own HoDs. ATG: Till today, we still have no contact info on a foreign CM from your end or Dom Devine. Once we receive a valid  CM option with the right standards and rate, we will proceed to contact him and make a deal. Then all his crew will be hired. Art Dept: This isn’t true. You were emailed the details of a suitable CM, Ben Corless, three times. Production has been told, both verbally and by email, that Medinah is out of options for the CM and that we will have to accept Ben’s terms or there will be no sets.
  4. Head Painter Not Pencilled – cannot be hired until Production does a deal with Ben Corless.
  5. Head Sculptor/Plasterer Not Pencilled – cannot be hired until Production does a deal with Ben Corless.
  6. Large Tools In Qatar Not Purchased – delayed until we are there. We have time as workshops are not set up. As agreed, we decided to buy all these tools from Doha and as mentioned we still have time. ATG: Who should make the decision on these lists? You or the CM? So the production can move forward to buying them. Art Dept: Production has had a list of equipment for nearly two months. It was agreed back in Jordan that that equipment would be bought upon arrival in Doha. That has not changed.
  7. Crew Deals Done – see above re CM and his HoDs.
  8. Macs Bought – Ibrahim said this will be bought as soon as we get to Doha. ATG: Now that we are in Doha, we are ready for their purchase. Art Dept: Can we be arrange a purchase date?
  9. Wacom Bought – Ibrahim said this will be bought as soon as we get to Doha. NOTE: Very unlikely it can be bought in Doha. ATG: Now that we are in Doha, we are ready for their purchase. Can we be given a purchase date? Art Dept: This can be bought at iShop in Doha. Can we arrange a purchase date?
  10. Large Tools Delivered To Studio – not done because Aspire have not sent list to [ATG] re contractors. This is regarding the 3rd party contractors we would like to hire to upgrade the hanger to a more usable studio. ATG: I have asked Mosanada for the contacts, They will share with me once they have approval to share these contacts from Aspire. The approval is still pending from Aspire. Last e-mail I received from Mosanada about this issue was an auto reply that they are back in office on the 4th of August. Art Dept: It is now August 8th. Has there been progress on this?
  11. CM To Begin Construction Breakdowns – not done as no CM attached yet. ATG: CM options not provided as mentioned above. See above. Art Dept: Not true. Ben’s details provided three times already. [ATG] to attempt deal with ben. Meantime, Dom is waiting for contact details on two local CMs from [ATG rep].
  12. Car For Devine From 28/7 – not done and no mention of whether it will be. ATG: 2 cars are now available in Doha from Day 1. They are available for use for the team. One of which has been with Devine most of the time. Art Dept: Devine had it for three hours at the time this comment was made and the team had had the cars for 2 1/2 days by then. The Art Dept currently requires a minimum of two cars to do its job properly.
  13. Car for Smithers & Rita from 28/7 – not done and no mention of whether it will be done. ATGTransportation will be available in due time. Art Dept: When is “due time”? Please supply an approximate date.
  14. Plant Hire Gear Delivered To Studio (for blacking out skylights) – not done. ATG: How do you expect to do this remotely? Now that we are in Doha, we can move to achieve this. Art Dept:It could have been arranged through contacts the Art Dept made last time they were in Doha. This has been mentioned previously.
  15. Buses Delivered To Studio. – Not done. See first point above. ATG: See above regarding buses issue. Art Dept: See above re Production not telling Art Dept a deal had been done.
  16. Deal Confirmed With UK Head Carpenter – cannot name or hire until CM has been named. See above.
  17. Deal Confirmed With Head Scenic Painter – See above.
  18. Deal Confirmed With Head Sculptor – See above as explained.
  19. All Prop Sourcing Trips Confirmed (Prague, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai) – Smithers is waiting to hear this has been organised. No news as yet. ATG: Egypt’s trip was scheduled before Eid and was placed on hold because of the political situation right after the bombing their. We still need to both work on scheduling these trips. For the rest of the trips, we need to get your final lists and then we will schedule them in correct order based on the latest action plan for pre prep. ATG:Refer to Smithers for feedback.
  20. Deal Confirmed With Concept Artist – to be followed up in Doha but Jason Human pegged for this post. ATG: Awaiting for an updated date from your side to present to production. We have not received any. Awaiting an Art Dept first. Art Dept: Awaiting an Art Dept office for us to work from so we can decide on a date for him to start.
  21. Deal Confirmed With Draughtsperson – will sort upon arrival in Doha as proving impossible to do in Jordan. ATG: Let us know if you need help. Art Dept: Awaiting an Art Dept office for him to work from.
  1. Materials & Paint Not Ready For Shipping From Amman – Paints paid for. Consumables need to be shipped to Tony for shipping to Doha. Ray sorting this out. ATG: Please provide update. Art Dept: Please speak to Ray for update.
  2. Cave Making Kit Not Ordered – Chris organizing this now. Chris – can you supply latest update? ATG: Awaiting your feedback on this subject. No update from Chris to date. Art Dept: Update was provided to ATG rep over a week ago. To repeat, Johnny Mann is currently working out costs and a schedule. We will let Production know when this is ready.
  3. Art Dept Offices & Workshop Tents Not Ready – Drawings have been submitted to contractor, Al Baddad. Al Baddad is to produce plans and costings. ATG rep to forward plans to Art Dept so we can specify racking and partitioning. Al Baddad reposts  Budget then approved by ATG rep. Then two weeks to build. Currently waiting for Al Baddad to send drawings and budget to ATG rep and on to Art Dept. Temporary offices to be located at hotel until the offices are ready. In progress, Baddad has sent their offer and we are in negotiations. I have told ATG rep I need information back from Al Baddad before finalising internal details of the builds (shelving and other requirements). Since he has not gotten back to me, I should I assume their quote is provisional? Update: Art Dept met Al Baddad reps at office and discussed need for racking, sinks, etc. It was agreed that the Art Dept should attend future meetings with Al Baddad. Not heard anything more. Awaiting news from Production.
  4. ME Spec For Hangar – Last heard, ATG rep was waiting for Aspire to supply Aspire-endorsed contractors. ATG rep was going to email Aspire on Monday to chase this up. ATG rep to provide update. ATG Rep: See as above mentioned. Art Dept: Awaiting feedback from Production as it is now past Aug 4th.
  5. CM Not Pencilled – currently there are three options – Perry, Hugo and Ben.
    1. Ahmed has authorised $??? but Perry will very likely ask for more than $??? on account of all the delays. Dominic expecting an email from him in the next 24 hours. Dom has forwarded his questions to ATG rep. Update: Perry is no longer interested.
    2. Ben is interested and has asked about deal terms. ATG rep needs to speak to Ben. Update: Ben is still free but not for much longer.
    3. Hugo is available he is first checking if he has the crew we need. Update: Hugo is no longer free.

    NOTE: This task could easily slip back to THINGS NOT DONE.

ATG Rep: Waiting confirmation from Devine regarding availability to contact them. Art Dept: ATG Rep was provided with contact details by email for Ben Corless and told he was available a week and a half ago. ATG rep was told that Perry no longer wants to work on Medinah and that Hugo is busy.
  1. Confirmation Of UK Prop Painter & Prop Carpenter – Nearly done. ATG rep sending new amount once it has been agreed. ATG rep: once CM is hired .. will take action. Art Dept: This has nothing to do with CM. It’s a different division of the Art Dept.
  2. Payment To Ray For Romania In Progress – An invoice has not been submitted to ATP with the correct company number. Ray will chase this up once in Doha. ATG Rep: Awaiting the final invoice from Ray.
  3. All Alabaster Purchases Underway – Details sent to Ibrahim by Smithers and payment approved and underway. ATG Rep: Payment approved and ready .. awaiting transfer address from Smithers
  4. Deal Confirmed With Art Dept Runner – Sent Rawda’s name to ATG Rep but she came back asking for QR6000 per week!!! Have meeting with Lolwa Sunday or Monday in Doha at hotel. May hire her instead. ATG Rep: Devine to let ATG rep know. Ahmed has replied to this point . Art Dept: What did Ahmed say? Lolwa is ill and has so far not be available to meet. Rawda did not get back with a better offer. There has been a noticeable lack of interest from local crew. We are investigating the reason for this.
  5. Deal Confirmed With Asst. Art Director – have sent Tayeb’s name toATG rep. ATG rep to arrange deal once in Doha. In progress. ATG rep: Updates please. Art Dept: Tayeb is another person that has not gotten back to us. Will attempt to contact him to ask why.
  6. Deal Confirmed With UPVC Specialists (Johnny Mann) – Chris arranging. Update to come from Chris. ATG rep: Still awaiting update. Art Dept: See above.
  7. Deal Confirmed With Graphic Designer – sent Dawood’s name to ATG rep and vice versa. ATG rep to do deal with Dawood as soon as ATG rep is in Doha. ATG rep: In progress. Art Dept: Dawood told Dominic his interest was on hold while he considered another job offer. And that he would know what he was doing this coming week.
  1. Deal Done With Rita – Done. And She Will Start Aug 8th. ATG rep: Only MOU was signed, she asked for 18,000 QAR  which is over the budget. We will in negotiations. Art Dept: She has apparently started.
  2. Water Tanks Waiting To Ship To Doha – water tanks are at the workshop awaiting shipment to Doha along with all the other gear. Apparently they cannot ship until at least August 5th due to problems with the shipping process. ATG rep: Waiting for Katara to provide us with the required documents for shipping. We met with katara representative and the clearing company and we are working on it. Art Dept: Tanks no longer at workshop as ATG. Terry knows where they were sent to. Art Dept now waiting for shipping to happen.
  3. Jordan Prop-Making Tools & Consumables Purchased & Delivered To Ray – Done. Packing up now to go to Doha. Art Dept: Items at workshop now spread out over Jordan awaiting re-packing so they can ship.
  4. Jordan Purchases (Set Dec) Completed – Yes. Packed to ship to Doha. Art Dept: Items at workshop now spread out over Jordan awaiting re-packing so they can ship.
  1. Tents finished – since they have not even started this deadline will be missed. Ahmed: Who are “they”.? Art Dept: Obviously “they” are Al Baddad.
  2. Blacking out of Studio Skylights Finished – since they have not even started this deadline will be missed. ATG rep: Who’s “They”? Production is waiting for offers from contractors. Art Dept: Waiting for update from Production.
  3. Offices Finished – since they have not even started this deadline will be missed. ATG rep: finalizing with Al baddad. Art Dept: Finalising what exactly?
  4. Car For Ray Perry – no mention of this happening. ATG rep: Same issue again. Art Dept: We are told above they will be supplied in “due time”. But not told when “due time” is.
  5. Prop Trucks Supplied in Doha – no mention of this happening. ATG rep: Will happen upon request and once needed. Art Dept? *Who* will decide when they are “needed”?
  6. Construction Consumables Ordered – to be sorted once there. ATG rep: Awaiting list. Art Dept: Awaiting Production doing deal with CM.
  7. CM Flies To Doha – not possible as no CM has been contracted. ATG rep: See CM issue above. Art Dept: See CM issue above.
  8. Hangar Sound Insulation Done – since they have not even started this deadline will be missed. ATG rep: Deadline was set with no consultation. Art Dept: Not true. Chris sought feedback from Production. None was given.
  9. CM Starts Work – not possible as no CM contracted. ATG rep: See CM issue above. Art Dept: See CM issue above.
  10. Construction Materials Ready At Workshop – no workshops so not possible. ATG rep: Deadline was set with no consultation. Art Dept: Not true. Chris sought feedback from Production. None was given.
  11. Cave Making Kit Shipped From UK – In progress. Johnny Mann and Sam Stoakes to supply. ATG rep: No details have been sent to production. Art Dept: ATG rep has been updated on this but has apparently forgotten.
  12. Construction Consumables Delivered To Workshop – no workshops so not possible. ATG repWhat consumables? Art Dept: Those mentioned in 43.

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