Sign Or You Won’t Get Paid

An ATG employee’s contract ran out last month. When she asked for her new contract to be changed because she’d noticed some rather unreasonable clauses in it, she was told to sign or she would not get her previous month’s wages.

Something else that was alleged today – I’ve been told if an ATG employee is so much as one minute below their required nine hours per day work, they lose three day’s pay. ATG uses fingerprint entry devices and security barriers so they know exactly how long an employee has been inside the building. If an employee goes outside for a cigarette break, the clock stops till they re-enter.

This is another clause in the ATG employee contract and it’s the kind of unreasonable, punitive, callous clause the aforementioned person may have wanted removed.

Some people at ATG call ATG a prison. I think of it more as the southern states of America before slavery was abolished, which makes Talal a………

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