Film School ATG

Today is feeling like one of those days when it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to just how ‘film school’ ATG is.

When we got to Doha, we were each issued with a SIM card with just 20 minutes of local credit! Mine ran out after three calls. When I asked the production manager, Majid, to sort it out he told me I could go across the road and do it (isn’t Production supposed to sort this stuff out?). I told him I had been in the middle of nowhere yesterday without any credit and I had needed to make calls, that this was not acceptable and he needed to get a better system. He told me there wasn’t a better system! I said clearly this was not true because he could not tell me that the whole of Qatar uses 20 minute credits on their phones.

Wages are late again. One UK crew member is owed eight weeks wages! Everyone is owed money. Threats of not coming back to work have not worked. ATP has basically given us the finger. The Art Dept has arranged a meeting today at 11am to decide on a system for dealing with this.

Abdul is still stuck in the basement of ATG1. They want him to become a full-time employee. They are lying to him. He has had both Khaldoon and ‘Abdul 2’ on his case about it. Promises of, “We will look after you”, “You’ll get paid on time if you sign”, “We might even let you go to Qatar”. So Talal has his brainwashed lackies trying to brainwash Abdul with promises and lies. The more I hear the more they sound like a cult.

More to follow…

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